It’s a disaster!

We’ve been having the old disaster versus emergency debate at work recently. “How long have we got?” I hear you ask. It’s come about for two reasons. One is through our strategy planning process  where we talk about responding to disasters and significant emergencies. The other is through framing our campaign messaging with our marketing […]

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Psycho- what?

When I talk about psycho-social preparedness, I often see people start to shift a little bit nervously, eyes darting around the room. “You mean psychological preparedness?” Well, no it’s not, it incorporates psychological preparedness, but it is more. So what is it then? It is the term that we have coined to cover the unique […]

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When the flood calls

My colleague and local resident, Kat Haynes from Risk Frontiers published a piece in today’s Conversation on flood deaths. Floods are, heatwaves aside, our deadliest hazard. Yet we see people take risks all the time (and I put my own hand up here, having waded waist deep through flood waters in Elwood with my dog […]

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Basket (that is too hard)

It’s been a busy few months, and I’ve gone to ground a little bit while having to juggle many, many balls, and not all of them keeping in the air. One of the exciting new projects I am involved in is Building the Disaster Resilience of the Homelessness Community . We’ve partnered up with the […]

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Counting the uncountable

A report that I have had a lot of involvement in has been released today. The Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience and Safer Communities, a grouping of Insurance Australia Group, Westpac, Optus, Investa, and Munich Re commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to look into the economic costs of the social impacts of disasters. No mean […]

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Out of Uniform

I couldn’t wait to leave school, to stop wearing a uniform. To my horror, when I started nursing, I had to start wearing one again. (the irony of it all, I am glad that my children wear uniforms to school, saves on clothes!). So, naturally, I gravitate towards a project called Out of Uniform, Building […]

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The boy child strikes

Last week, sadly, four people lost their lives in fires in Esperance, in Western Australia, in tragic circumstance, they appeared to take a wrong turn, for the worst. El Nino is here, and is already wreaking vengeance. El Nino or ENSO (EL Nino Southern Oscillation) is the phenomena when warm water wells up on the […]

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